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arduino-cli monitor

Open a communication port with a board.


Open a communication port with a board.

arduino-cli monitor [flags]


  arduino-cli monitor -p /dev/ttyACM0
  arduino-cli monitor -p /dev/ttyACM0 --describe


      --board-options strings        List of board options separated by commas. Or can be used multiple times for multiple options.
  -c, --config strings               Configure communication port settings. The format is <ID>=<value>[,<ID>=<value>]...
      --describe                     Show all the settings of the communication port.
      --discovery-timeout duration   Max time to wait for port discovery, e.g.: 30s, 1m (default 1s)
  -b, --fqbn string                  Fully Qualified Board Name, e.g.: arduino:avr:uno
  -h, --help                         help for monitor
  -p, --port string                  Upload port address, e.g.: COM3 or /dev/ttyACM2
  -m, --profile string               Sketch profile to use
  -l, --protocol string              Upload port protocol, e.g: serial
  -q, --quiet                        Run in silent mode, show only monitor input and output.
      --raw                          Set terminal in raw mode (unbuffered).
      --timestamp                    Timestamp each incoming line.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --additional-urls strings   Comma-separated list of additional URLs for the Boards Manager.
      --config-file string        The custom config file (if not specified the default will be used).
      --json                      Print the output in JSON format.
      --log                       Print the logs on the standard output.
      --log-file string           Path to the file where logs will be written.
      --log-format string         The output format for the logs, can be: text, json (default "text")
      --log-level string          Messages with this level and above will be logged. Valid levels are: trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic (default "info")
      --no-color                  Disable colored output.