Command reference


Linter for Arduino projects.


Arduino Lint checks for specification compliance and other common problems with Arduino projects

arduino-lint [FLAG]... [PROJECT_PATH]...

Lint project in PROJECT_PATH or current path if no PROJECT_PATH argument provided.


      --compliance string        Configure how strict the tool is. Can be {strict|specification|permissive} (default "specification")
      --format string            The output format can be {text|json}. (default "text")
  -h, --help                     help for arduino-lint
      --library-manager string   Configure the rules for libraries in the Arduino Library Manager index. Can be {submit|update|false}.
                                 submit: Also run additional rules required to pass before a library is accepted for inclusion in the index.
                                 update: Also run additional rules required to pass before new releases of a library already in the index are accepted.
                                 false: Don't run any Library Manager-specific rules.
      --project-type string      Only lint projects of the specified type and their subprojects. Can be {sketch|library|platform|all}. (default "all")
      --recursive                Search path recursively for Arduino projects to lint. Can be {true|false}.
      --report-file string       Save a report on the rules to this file.
  -v, --verbose                  Show more information while running rules.
      --version                  Print version and timestamp of the build.