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Install via Homebrew (macOS/Linux)

The Arduino CLI is available as a Homebrew formula since version 0.5.0:

brew update
brew install arduino-cli

Use the install script

The easiest way to get the latest version of the Arduino CLI on any supported platform is using the script:

curl -fsSL | sh

The script will install arduino-cli at $PWD/bin but if you want to target a different directory, for example ~/local/bin, set the BINDIR environment variable like this:

curl -fsSL | BINDIR=~/local/bin sh

Download the latest packages

You can download the latest version of the pre-built binaries for the supported platforms from the release page or following the links in the following table. Once downloaded, extract the binary arduino-cli into a directory that is in your PATH.

Linux Linux 32 bit Linux 64 bit
Linux ARM Linux ARM 32 bit Linux ARM 64 bit
Windows Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit

Deprecation notice: links in the form<platform>.tar.bz2 won’t be further updated. That URL will provide the version 0.3.7-alpha.preview, regardless of further releases.

Download a nightly build

These builds are generated everyday at 01:00 GMT from the master branch and should be considered unstable. In order to get the latest nightly build available for the supported platform, use the following links:

Linux Nightly Linux 32 bit Nightly Linux 64 bit
Linux ARM Nightly Linux ARM 32 bit Nightly Linux ARM 64 bit
Windows Nightly Windows 32 bit Nightly Windows 64 bit

These links return a 302: Found response, redirecting to latest generated builds by replacing latest with the latest available build date, using the format YYYYMMDD (i.e for 2019/Aug/06 latest is replaced with 20190806 )

Checksums for the nightly builds are available at<DATE>-checksums.txt

Once downloaded, extract the executable arduino-cli into a directory which is in your PATH.

Build from source

If you’re familiar with Golang or if you want to contribute to the project, you will probably build the arduino-cli locally with your Go toolchain. Please refer to the [contributing] document for setup instructions.

If you don’t have a working Golang environment or if you want to build arduino-cli targeting different platforms, you can use Docker to get a binary directly from sources. From the project folder run:

docker run -v $PWD:/arduino-cli -w /arduino-cli -e PACKAGE_NAME_PREFIX='snapshot' arduino/arduino-cli:builder-1 goreleaser --rm-dist --snapshot --skip-publish

Once the build is over, you will find a ./dist/ folder containing the packages built out of the current source tree.